Little Update

I realize it’s been a little bit since I’ve written anything so I thought I would update.. I was actually waiting to share this with everyone until I had more than one post but I completely forgot about it :)So Christmas was rather quiet.. we were suppose to visit Mike’s family but with the combination of the snow and the fact that our plow didn’t come through until two days after, we couldn’t make it. Mike even got stuck trying to get in the driveway:

He managed to get it back up before the plow came through… the next day… after we had already plowed what we could with the tractor. But it’s come through twice now.. I’m guessing they hired someone new and he didn’t know anyone lived back here. Whoops.
On to bunny news.. we decided that we were going to clip nails before Kimmy and Chris got there one day because we were fixing cages.. I wanted the 1″ by 1/2″ wire for the floors and Mikey being the good hubby, fixed them right up for me. They’re perfect.. so now I have four cages already waiting for my new rabbitry in the spring, I can’t wait to get our taxes back!!
My Ruby and Daisy waiting to get their nails clipped:
Other things coming in the spring.. chickens!! And turkeys too, but I’m slightly more excited about the chickens. We found where we’re going to put the coop and between all the scraps we have in the yard, we might be able to pull off nearly the entire coop without having to buy a lot. Mom and dad bought me and Mike an incubator for Christmas though:

I loved it!! It has accessories that I’m going to buy too.. and egg turner and a fan to circulate the air.. I want my first egg hatching to be a good experience, so the easier the better for me 🙂
I can’t remember if I wrote about my herbs before, but I decided that I was going to grow some herbs over the winter. Unfortunately I never got around to my special herbs, like the lavender, chamomile and mint (I’m hoping I can one of these weeks) but I have rosemary, thyme, cilantro, parsley and oregano growing. The parsley, cilantro and basil are doing the best:

Speaking of herbs.. mom grew catnip this year and the cats love it.. maybe a little too much:
Anyway.. so as of lately nothing has been happening around here.. nothing exciting anyway. The rabbits are patiently waiting until spring (more like ME – chickens, turkeys and baby rabbits – my favorite!) and mom is excited to get her garden going again. My ‘stock piling’ with the groceries is working out nicely.. we saved another (about) $200 today while we were out making it a total of about $350-$400 worth of groceries for a little under $200.. those sunday papers are awesome!!
I did decide when I got home, to make a few of my favorite mixes.. so I made a dry ranch dressing mix and taco seasoning, along with my already made onion soup mix:
So that’s it.. my night now will consist of trying to get my kitty better, poor thing came down with another UTI 🙁