Quiet Thursday

Nothing too interesting to note today. More morning chores and more sewing as usual! Mom finished some more baby booties, bibs and bonnets today.. we’re waiting on the ribbon to get here so that they can be completely finished. We sold some chicken saddles so mom has been making a few more in different colors.

I went outside with dad earlier while he filled up the wood stove so that I could put the chickens away. The first picture of dad on my blog so far and happens to be my favorite. I hated the smell of that darn wood stove when we first got it but I’ve grown fond of the smoky smell. It reminds me of winter, home and my dad!
When I went to check on the chickens the girls came running out to me right away. In the summer when I say ‘Oh chicky chickies’ they come running because they know there’s treats coming their way. I can imagine they’re disappointed here because I didn’t have any with me this time!!
One of my girls graced me with her presence so that I could take a picture of her wearing my chicken saddle. I think the ones that are wearing them, like them. They sure seem to fight when I want to take them back OFF.
I went to check on Miss Chicken here, who was a snot and ate an egg on me this morning, and she decided to use my chest as a roost. I’m glad she found me so comfortable, but NOT glad that my sweater is now covered in chicken poop! Oh well, the joys of owning these special girls 🙂

When I went to put the ducks away I was staring at mom’s garden here.. can hardly even tell it was ever a garden. It just made me wish Spring was here faster.. looking at that almost makes it more miserable.. SO, I’m going to invest my time in checking out some Heirloom seeds.. anyone have any good sites to buy those from??
At least I was able to enjoy the scenery. I have to admit that living in the woods during winter IS really pretty at least. That is, unless you have a loud dog who’s waiting on you to get done with your chores so that he can sneak by you and go eat some duck poop:
He’s at the corner of the rabbit shed

Anyway, that’s mostly what my day consisted of. Might be boring to a lot of people but I like the slow pace of country living.. it suits me well. Now, I will leave you with my other handsome man..