Chickens & Laundry Soap

I haven’t had a whole lot to blog about lately because things around here have been pretty quiet. I think of it as a good thing, rather than it being boring. Not only do I get to enjoy the beautiful winter country, but it means that everyone and everything is safe, healthy and happy here. I sure do hate those months when it seems like everything is going wrong! I remember back then I would have given anything to make things like it is right now.
We have had a couple little oopsies lately but nothing major. My rooster, Rex, decided he wanted to fight with a visiting rooster even though they’re completely separated – brat! No real damage just a few pecks to the comb.. all is well now. One of my girls that I suspect was at the top of the pecking order has been knocked down to the bottom, I think. She’s always the most well cared for one so I’m guessing that’s what happened. I found her in the coop pecked a little with a swollen eye. She’s doing okay now, I bring her in the house every once in a while for some cuddles, water and to wash out her eye. Thankfully, she’s starting to open it more now so she’s getting friskier! The only other thing that happened was that another one of my girls needed a saddle. Not for her back, but because her wings were being torn up pretty bad.. luckily, mom and I had just came up with a wing protector for our saddles!

She purred at me the whole time she was in the house, she really seemed to like it in here. Stumpy got a new saddle with a wing protector too so hopefully she starts healing as well. Speaking of Stumpy, I was on BYC last night and almost cried when I saw someone who was asking about a chicken that’s foot was falling off because of frostbite, and everyone was telling him/her to cull it! Since when did we give up on our animals just because taking care of them would be an inconvenience? Maybe I take it a little more personally though because Stumpy has her toes missing on one foot and her other foot is just gone entirely.. and she’s thriving perfectly!
So, in other news… we found out another one of our turkeys is a tom so we have 2 male and 2 females. We found out not by his beautiful strutting but because he grabbed mom’s leg and started trying to breed with her leg. I. Almost. Died. laughing.. it was priceless! I think mom babies him a little TOO much – he thinks she’s his now! 
Anyway, today was uneventful even if animal land. I found out we ran out of laundry soap so that’s my new one today to tell you guys about!
Laundry Soap
1 Bar of Soap (I use Ivory – cheap!)
1/2 Cup Washing Soda
1/2 Cup Borax
LOTS of water – will explain!
I start off by measuring out 1 gallon of water + 6 cups of water. Set aside for later. Then, measure out the washing soda & borax and set that in a bowl for later. This way you have a lot of these ready to go when it comes time.
Put 4 cups of water in a bowl and place that in the microwave to warm up so that it’s hot for when your soap has melted. Don’t forget your bucket! I use a 5 gallon bucket, and I usually make two batches of these to fill it up.
First, you grate the soap and place it in a sauce pan. Add 6 cups of water and heat this until the soap melts.
Then, you add in your washing soda & borax. Stir until dissolved. At the same time, turn that 4 cups of water you put in the microwave on so that it’s ready when you’re finished here.
When the soap mixture is done, place those 4 cups in the bucket, then add the soap (Thanks to Mikey for helping!)
Then, stir to make sure that it’s mixed up good!
Now, add that gallon + 6 cups of water then stir again to make sure that it all gets mixed up good.
I add a little bit of essential oil in here to give it a better smell than the Ivory. I usually use essential oil but I’m trying the kind you add to candles this time (oil) but not a whole lot just in case it got too oily.. we’ll see how it works!