Cooped Up

I’m glad that spring is getting closer but sad that my birthday is in ten days. I remember a time when I looked forward to getting older and I know that 28 isn’t actually old, but I still wish that I didn’t have to age anymore.. there’s really nothing else to look forward to with aging anymore! But if I’m being honest, I’ve been forgetting my birthday is coming up anyway because I’ve been so busy.
Mom has been sewing up a storm so my two drawers of my desk are packed full of stuff. Mostly chicken saddles.. I’m surprised how many people actually want to buy these! I’m having a lot of fun with it.. I love going to the fabric store and seeing what I can find that would look nifty on some chickens. Mom is amused that she’s dressing chickens all over the U.S.!
We were asked yesterday if we made any chicken saddles with harnesses. Odd, but we were up for the challenge! We took one of the saddles and put a ring on it, and made the elastic so that it criss-crossed across Rex’s chest and then under his wings so that he couldn’t get away. I thought we’d be up for a fight but no, he let me put it on him with no fuss at all. I think the silly guy would let us walk him around like that if it weren’t so chilly outside!
We’ve been adding flyers everywhere we can to get more people to check out our site. The bottom one is for Mike’s work so that he can sell eggs to his coworkers and advertise our site too! My mother-in-law is helping get the word around too after checking it out and buying a couple things from us. I was pretty darn excited because she was the first to try out the website! Thank you, Mary, you made our weekend over here! I think she was as excited as we are, which just gives us more encouragement.. along with all the support from our friends and family – and especially Carol and Jerry! We love you guys!
Little Missy, on the other hand, is more interested in trying to sleep in everything and clean herself while we work!