WOW, I’ve been busy.. my poor blog has been neglected! Well, I’m going to fix that now ­čÖé

It doesn’t seem like a lot now that I think about it, but I have been pretty busy. Not only with making saddles (which people are loving!) but we’ve also had visits! It’s not very often that our friends and family travel up here to see us so two times in a couple of weeks was very nice!

I’ll start from the beginning however….

I bred the rabbits of February 14 – hoping that it would bring us some good luck. To my surprise even my new girls were willing to be bred so hopefully we’ll have some baby bunnies in a few weeks. Ruby, my best doe, decided that she was going to show Jax how it was done when I put her in there with him – and she proceeded to start humping my poor buck. He looked shocked and I couldn’t stop laughing. Thankfully they switched roles again but she was NOT happy with me when I put her back in her cage!

I also realized that one of the rabbits I kept from Ruby’s last litter looks like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh – so she’s finally found her new name!!

Dad and Mike have also been having a little luck ice fishing.. finally! A few years ago when we were camping, we ate so many fish that I was sick of them.. and now I can’t get enough! We like to mix a little bit of mayo/miracle whip with mom’s homemade relish to make our tartar sauce. Yumm!
We’ve been lucky selling chicken saddles and I’ve been encouraging people to send me their pictures of the girls wearing them. After selling some on BYC, I went out and bought some nice soft flannel to make some saddles out of and after selling one – I got my first picture!! Not only that, but it was with the Skulls & Roses material I had!
We had a few good days of weather for a while there too – it’s a shame it’s gotten cold and started snowing again!! What a bummer.. the nice weather really gave us a taste of spring and now that it’s cold again, it’s even more depressing! The turkeys, ducks and chickens really enjoyed the nice weather too!!
After we freed up some room in the lean-to, we brought over our two youngest turkeys to put them in there for now since they were cramped in the other shed. It was their first time outside EVER during the nice weather.. I loved the sound of their chirping, I can’t wait until it warms up again!
Mike’s mom came up for a visit with his sister Jenny and her little boy Alek. I had a lot of fun showing them the turkeys – and Diesel gobbled it up being a ham – literally gobbled it up! It was too cold to spend a lot of time outside though, so we quickly moved inside. Shame too, since Alek loves all the animals we have!
We were given some fabric and a LOT of beading stuff! Thanks Mary! All of us had fun going through the stuff but I don’t think anyone had more fun than Alek! It was adorable.. and a good way to keep him busy. Even my sister-in-law got in on the fun.
┬áSince we couldn’t go outside to see the bunnies – which use to be Alek’s favorite – we brought out our precious Taco, who’s become our house bunny for his retirement.
Once he realized what it was, it caught his attention pretty fast! I think Taco loved the attention too, he was a good bunny while we had him out – he’s usually pretty wild!!
So now faced with all these pretty beads, I was too tempted to make something out of them. Naturally the first place my brain went to was chickens so I whipped myself up a pair of earrings – they’re so cute!! I’ll have to add a picture in my next post. For being my first ones, I’m pretty proud of them!
Now if only we could have that nice weather back!!!