Want to Win a Chicken Saddle?

So I haven’t been blogging a whole lot lately because I’ve been so busy working at getting some stuff done for the business/spring/spending time with the hubby, etc etc.. I thought that I would have a contest!!
I was looking through the box that I have all the saddles in this morning and thought it would be kind of fun to have one for the saddles. The contest is easy too – I want to see pictures of YOUR hens! It doesn’t matter what it is.. could be a fluffy butt picture, and adorable one, funny, or could even be of how she’s in need of a saddle.. your choice! You can send up to two pictures if you can’t decide which to use. I’ll pick the winner by whichever picture calls my attention most.. and the winner will receive a free saddle of their choosing (size & color) along with a free saddle with wing protector of their choosing (again, size & color).
Either leave a comment here with the picture, leave one on your blog and leave a comment here linking me to it, or send it to my email at: onestitch@louisescountrycloset.com – make sure to leave me a link to your blog as well so I know who the winner is! I hope some of you enter.. I really love seeing those pictures!! I’ll leave this contest open for a week – until next Sunday (3/6)
As for me.. well, we had another death in the animal family. We never got around to butchering the last of the ducks we didn’t want to keep and they ended up over-mating one of my females. Mike’s cousin is going to take them off our hands so that he doesn’t have to butcher them in the middle of winter. I wish we could have caught that sooner.. but I guess that’s one of the lessons I had to learn the hard way.
We did decide that we’re going to get some Pekins this summer though. They can stay with the ‘mutt’ ducks and Rouens over winter, but in the summer we can split them up into their own pen so that I can have pure Pekins for the summer. I was thinking about doing that with my Rouens too – but we’ll see how much of a pain it is with the other ones first! Does anyone do this? I would love to see pictures of how you split them up – just out of curiosity.
There were a few exciting things that happened – at least for me. First of all, when we left to drop some saddles off at the post office I checked the mail first and my heirloom seeds arrived from Victory Seeds!! They thankfully packaged it in bubble wrap because the package it came in was completely mangled from the post office.
Mike and I went shopping after that, and as I was coming home mom called to let me know that my incubator arrived too!! NICE! I ordered both on Friday and they both got to me the next Friday! We have two LG incubators that work great for me but I wanted something a little better for the hatching process, because I just can’t do the humidity in the LG for some reason. I bought myself a little Hova Bator Genesis that will, hopefully, work out a little better.


There’s so much more head room in that thing! In our LG, the baby turkeys would hit the heating element whenever they stood up, so this should work better in that way at least! So now I have two LG for incubating, and the Hova for hatching. I can’t wait for April – that’s when I get to set my first eggs of the year!! That is.. if I don’t break down and do it before I swore I would 😉

I also ordered myself some new chicks last night, but I set the date on those to be delivered in June. You think I’m whiny now wanting spring to come, wait to see what I’m like when it’s getting closer to the delivery of my chicks! The list of chicks I’m getting –

– 1 Barred Rock
– 1 Salmon Faverolle
– 1 Golden Spangled Hamburg
– 1 Buff Orpington
– 1 Blue Cochin
– 2 Golden Laced Wyandotte
– 2 Silver Laced Wyandotte
– 2 Speckled Sussex
– 2 Light Brown Leghorn
– 2 Welsummer

Oh my gosh.. will June arrive any slower?! 😉