Who Knew

Just a month ago I would have never guessed that I would ever be interested in sewing. Thanks to some encouragements from the WONDERFUL people here, mom and I actually started selling some of our stuff.. mainly the chicken saddles. (Thanks everyone!) Now I’m making our own website, which has kept me away from blogging the last few days. I miss getting to share my pictures!!! There’s not a lot to blog, however, when all I’ve been doing is working on code for the website.

So, today is a little different in the way that we actually went to the ‘big city’. Naturally we ended up at the fabric store and for some reason, I suddenly really wanted my own sewing machine!! Gosh, they’re so shiny and smooth and curvy.. like a really sexy woman.. in a sewing machine!! I never would have thought I’d ever be interested in sewing anything myself (and mom’s is an industrial one – runs way too fast for me!) but there I was, slobbering over the newer models that were on sale. Mike is going to be disappointed when he comes home and I try to talk him into getting me one ūüėČ
I brought the camera along even to take pictures while we were in there and how wild we get, but I completely forgot about it in the excitement, whoops! We ended up coming out with 11 yards of material and 20 yards of elastic; and we saved over $30 on sales! SCORE!
Speaking of shopping; has anyone noticed the¬†ridiculous¬†prices on food?? What I saved at the fabric store I spent at the grocery store – I almost cried!!! When did a big pack of hamburger become $17?? Or ring bologna $4? I told mom on the way home that it only reminds me of what we’re trying to do here to become more self sufficient. I don’t know how people manage to live in expensive cities anymore.
While I’m blogging I might as well tell you about my¬†exciting¬†week, which makes me giggle because it only amounts to two pictures:
My handsome man showing off for me again – he’s started gobbling!!!
Dad hung his gun up under the fireplace there



Fascinating, right? I don’t know, but I love when it’s the little things that make the week interesting!