Chicken Saddle Contest & One Huge Egg!!

For anyone who’s interested in winning that chicken saddle plus the wing protector, there’s still a few more days left!! I’ll be announcing the winner on Sunday morning! Hurry up and send me those pictures of your girls!
So, lately I’ve been hearing about that story of the guy with the huge 3-some inch egg that weighed over 4 ounces. I thought that was pretty cool, but then I was surprised yesterday morning when mom went out to the coop, stuck her hand into the nest box and pulled out a whopper!
From one of my little RIR girls – I bet she’s hurting today! When we put it in to the egg carton next to the other eggs it was like three of our jumbos put together – the lid had no chance of closing! I thought it was pretty cool so I went ahead and took a few different pictures..
 I was going to take more today, to show everyone what it looked like sitting next to the other eggs, and maybe even weigh and properly measure it but.. by the time I woke up this morning, my father was already frying it up! Evidently he couldn’t resist the call of the whopper egg. But, it turned out to be a double yolker and I did manage to get a rough measurement:
I love surprises from my girls! 🙂