DIY Cat Repellent

I was disgusted last summer when we realized that there was not only a cat loose in our yard, but it had obviously been someone’s pet. Not only was she friendly, but she was a bit on the heavier side and very healthy. I’ll never understand why or HOW someone can dump an animal like that! At any rate, she ended up as another member of our family.


We love her to pieces but unfortunately, none of our other cats do. We had a couple accidents in the beginning when they were letting us know that they did not like to share the litter box! Which is how I came across this DIY cat repellent.

Cats have an acute olfactory sense which means certain smells can act as a repellent. What better thing than orange, which will not only deter the cat but also make your house smell good?

All you need is orange peels. There’s no chemicals and nothing else you need to add. Just orange peels and water!

Place your orange peels in a pot and cover them with water. Just enough water so that when you get it to a rolling boil, the peels roll with it.

Put on high and bring to a rolling boil for about 10 minutes. The boiling will release the oil in the orange peels which is the scent that the cats hate so much.

When finished, drain the juice into a bowl. To get more of the oils out of the orange peels, put them in a cheese cloth and then squeeze. I didn’t have cheese cloth so I pressed down with a spoon and got out what I could.

Now when it’s cool enough, you can pour it into a bottle and you have an easy way to help keep your cats out of any unwanted spots or to use as a nice freshener.