DIY Sidewalk Chalk

I came across, and shared, a post on Facebook the other day about making your own sidewalk chalk and got so many questions about it that I wanted to try it out for myself so that I could actually help. This was so much fun!

The ingredients for this is so easy, and you probably have them in the pantry already!

– 2 cups Cornstarch
– Food Coloring
– 1 cup Water

First you don’t want to do what I did and put the cornstarch in so slow that it becomes a big blob at the bottom of the bowl (and if you do, stick your hand in there and mix it up!). Stir it into the water as you go and you’ll end up with a thick milk-like consistency.

Pour the mixture into a muffin pan and add your food coloring. I added 2 drops to each one and mixed it.

When you have your colors the way you want them, put the pan into the oven on 350 degrees until it hardens. It should take less than a half hour and when it’s finished, take the pan out and leave it cool. I would suggest leaving it sit overnight and harden even more but if you’re in a hurry (like I was), you can break them out of the pan.

You can see that it’s very easy to break into chunks so that everyone gets to play! If I would have left this sit to completely harden, it would have come out in one big chunk; kind of like the blue one did.

UPDATE:¬†After leaving these sit last night they did get a little harder, but after umm.. playing with it myself (yes, I’m a big kid at heart!) I figured out that keeping this as a liquid ‘paint’ works MUCH better! Take a paint brush and paint the sidewalk and it dries in just a few seconds; making it look just like chalk, this is the way to go.